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Te rog, așteaptă...

n-gga on foes we be f-cked up o t d
but if a n-gga touch us get f-cked up
haaaanh ? i tuck my gun never tuck my chain ask my n-gga bambi out in texas im on everythang, lotta drugs – lotta thots , no names just the top, lotta n-ggas wolfin over twitter almost got em popped
you a shooter?? no – i think not, lemme get a knot, i will give em watts, now he shocked, think outside the box
no , f-cks , gave
walk around wit ks
no f-ck given
yo b-tch im gon take
no f-cks gave
put her on the blade
wockhardt sippin not no mo tho
im okay
sour d , smokin on that gas on the hourly
i be wit the plugs and connects like a router be, actually, yo hoe in my trap she got it out for me , get the quarter back and make that lil hoe run a route for me
you a whole lotta flex im a lotta bet
the tec flip that f-ck n-gga like a omelette, i keep shootin til the spirit dead too got the billy if you actin silly your a dead goose
aye , trappin every f-ckin day, if you push around these parts i need percentages and pay, dont cooperate? gon have to make yo sh-t another way he wit the cops today gon have take his sh-t another day
call him clark kent , how that n-gga throw the cape on , i call her bart simp she jus a b-tch for me to skate on , hoe im part pimp dont got no shoulder you can lay on but ima still slide like a quarter in a payphone
it ain’t no souvenir here go some silver sh-t to take home, his -ss – actin like a cast
bullets finna break bone , where the stash at? the johnny cash at, give it up we down to hurt not down to earth, lab rats ?
st-tch em up daggers in the duck try take a jab at us and you get stuck, like a dumb f-ck , you the product of a condom bust
put yo dollas up , pick a fade we gon line em up , n-ggas so sus they disgust me i vomit up
boy you beef a lot, nah i mean you tweet a lot, you would hold a b-tch purse fore hold a glock
you would smoke ya own supply fore you get it off , he ain’t jump off the porch so we shot em off
ain’t no warning shot n-gga we gon sweep the block, that n-gga woofin like he hungry he can eat a shot, you better to pray to yo god or get what jesus got, line em up, then we pop , b-tch connect the dots

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