versuri 007s freestyle - zotiyac 1

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clip hold 007s x2
clip hold 2-2-3s
yea da clip drew brees throw a bullet and catch em
gl!ck turn a n-gga to beckham, bl!ck hit a n-gga and wreck em
boy ill go 007 come in and murk one of yo dawgs i am legend

i think n-ggas mad that i ran it up
wishful thinking u think i won’t blam u up
she say i dont play a lot like a amateur
i told da b-tch nah i got stamina
u in neimans dressed up like da janitor
mad as f-ck im going up like a banister
give u a poster i blow out the canister like student co make em go put that banner up
b-tch , uon get down when its time to up
even wit laces u couldn’t be tied to us
we flexin up so i kno n-ggas tired a us
running my mouth an i never lose stamina
this some exotic im smoking on panama
heavy narcotic i got it from canada
all times keep one up top like a yamaka
ion see no one up top so im climbing up
i do a n-gga somalia i tell a p-ssy come get yo v-g-n- cut
in my mind this da sh-t that get conjured up split u an make it look good like a diamond cut
might hit yo b-tch up an i act like im tryna f-ck
den put sum sh-t on her mouth like thermometers
brodie had already told me wat time it was
soon as i see em he catchin a lotta bucks


- versuri zotiyac 1

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