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“no reason”

slap that n-gg- he’s a b-tch, slap that hoe she’s a b-tch
it ain’t nothing wrong, but y’all know me
i’m on my f-ck the world, for no reason sh-t
f-ck the world for no reason sh-t, f-ck the world for no reason b-tch
nothing righteous bout none of y’all n-gg-z
none of y’all n-gg-z, don’t know jesus b-tch
f-ck the world for no reason sh-t, f-ck the world for no reason b-tch
my back left pocket, got a blue flag in it
i’m a loc, and my loc n-gg-z need me b-tch
f-ck the world for no reason sh-t, f-ck the world for no reason b-tch
when i’m in the club, i don’t see real n-gg-z
i see a bunch of wannabe’s in it

ain’t no love, for none of y’all n-gg-z
swear to god, f-ck every one of y’all n-gg-z
i wish i could murder, every one of y’all n-gg-z
skinny jeans corrupted, every one of y’all n-gg-z
leave that sh-t up, to drake and wayne
if you ain’t them, then you faking mayn
take it however, you wanna take it mayn
some in the ground, now beneath the bas-m-nt mayn
i know boys wonder, how i made it to the top
i make real music, and i take it to the block
your flow is broke, you need to take it to the shop
my flow is big d-ck, hoes take it nonstop
my flow is arrogant, like f-ck your verse
devil in disguise, n-gg- f-ck your church
baptize your -ss, and bl–dy up your shirt
go get my money, hurry up hoe work
my people still waiting, on money from barack
from a house to a spot, king size to a cot
said it was getting better, but the sh-t didn’t stop
so the women on the block, p-ssy full of rock
ar-50, i love my girl
n-body here but us, i love my world
i’m oh so jealous, don’t touch my girl
i’ll let her holla at ya, don’t trust my girl
yeah, who that wanna do that
like run up on a n-gg-, that’ll bust and make the crowd move back
let a mo’f-cker, run up on ro
i promise i’ma handle my bidness, and leave a fool flat
on his back
either with these hands, or this tool i pack
i’m a mo city n-gg-, i done told you that
i’m a general, and that’s where my soldiers at for real


most of y’all n-gg-z, just sprayed yourself
like you got what you got, with no help
like god, ain’t got nothing to do with your wealth
don’t even take time, to say thanks for your help
i know i’m f-cked up, that’s why i be repenting
every five minutes, i need to be forgiven
from sunday morning service, straight to prison
god brought me through it, that’s why i’m living
don’t believe in him, he don’t believe in you
he let somebody run up on you, or merk you fool
then you bad, till you meet somebody worse than you
that shirt’ll do something, you ain’t think a shirt could do
i use to be a young -sshole
ain’t sh-t changed, i’m still in mash mode
i roll around my city, on gl-ss fo’s
no pockets, them ain’t my pants hoe
what the f-ck, is a relationship
too much of a playa, to chase a b-tch
i’m mr. ruffle, i make the chips
you taker a sh-t, i take a trip
i roll by myself, i don’t need a lot of people
but doing what i do, i still feed a lot of people
z-ro one deep, but he a lot of people
he a lot of chrsitian, but he a lot of evil
you can get a win, or a mack ten
i want that white b-tch, and her black friend
i’m irs cause i’m taxing, for 25k1 you rat’s end
telling on n-gg-z, you a teacher’s pet
never ever been in the game, a bleacher’s vet
two hundred and twenty three quarters so far
i’m balling, and i ain’t took a breather yet b-tch


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