0 kings - young xero

Te rog, așteaptă...

b-tch i’m goin super sayian
putting down these bars i’m laying
rising up, king slayin
0 kings, still payin
looking for no seat now
b-tch up in the heat now
cook it up
d-rose shooting in the streets now

candles ain’t nothin to a torch
so why you think you sitting on your porch
bars come with fire
even some might leave a scorch
b-tch fall victim to my gorge
ain’t nothin but a g thang
hang these phony rappers from the ceiling
cut off the source
0 kings
jedi with the force
b-tch fall down to remorse
melo on the court
mama said get up off your horse
serving fire bars up for the course
lancer keep revin
xero always rapping here of course
like who you think raised you
eggs hatch you up into rappers then we blaze you

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