'97 leo 2 - young lungs

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’m still the 97 leo k!lla, bout to pull the trigger, never switching up
i just wanna go and get it with my friends and spend it ‘cuz i go and get it if i want
i don’t wanna second guess it, living in the second, and you come in second to the one
lately i been acting reckless, want a bag and necklace, i don’t have a second gotta run

for the record man this life is what i wanted
made a little bit progress since we stared
i don’t think i gotta say i go the hardest
i been thinking bout my future go the farthest

i just got back home was in j-pan
i just want these diamonds on my hands
i just wanna go harder for the fans
i just wanna get it started wit my friends no stopping

my presence a present, i live in the present, got presidents up in my pocket
i’m stepping on leather, i’m loving the weather it’s sunny out i’m in the tropics
the jets gon’ be private, the parties they private, i’m diving all into profit
i used to be silent, i’m done being silent, i’m loud and u gon’ hear me talking

i’m never sleeping, i’m working they quiet
i jus’ been speeding and swerving on highway
all of these lights from the camera they blinding
all of these nights getting blurry i’m wyling

driving, firing at these kids they hiding
lying while i stay inside and
grinding we got perfect timing
no one like me i been shining

glistening, n0body listening, listen up money be coming let’s get it up
i’m bout the bidness if u wanna talk we can set it up
hit me up all on my cellular, checking up (brr brrr)
go lose my number it’s not like u need it

i’m gone for the weekend to norway or sweden
you constantly tweaking, go get u a reason to live ’cause you need it oooo ayy feeling on top, oooo wait gone through a lot since the last time
you do this sh-t for a past time

all of my sh-t it’ll last time
don’t make me show you like last time
you in a game on your last live
everyone sleeping like nap time

bout to wake up in a couple of minutes
just the beginning i’m nowhere near finished
she finish the minute i step in the building, i’m in it, we winning, no feelings
i wanna be the best that be living, ain’t no compet-tion, i did it, i do it

i get it, i spend it, i lose it, but putting it back into all of the music woah woah woah

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