ggw - young dick mobbin

Te rog, așteaptă...


girls think i’m s-xy they ain’t even seen my money yet
girls gone wild once they see me thumbin’ through the check
i’ont give no f-ck, i ain’t tryna flex
but yo girl hit my line, whenever she need s-x
(x 2)

(tree eye)
catch me servin’, splash, drip
skeet skurrt i’m in a whip
pull off with ya b-tch
my b-tch will f-ck ya b-tch
two watches on my wrist
smug tree in this b-tch
lean by the f-ckin’ pitcher
i’m mixin drugs in a blender
steppin’ in steppin’ out
waco we rep the south
254 it’s in your mouth
ya girl liftin up her blouse
tree eye young d-ck
with mobbin makin’ money b-tch
y’all actin man f-ck a script
my doctor bring me the script


s-m-n demons they be fiendin’ for my seeds ‘n’ i cannot be conceited so i bust my nut on each ‘n’
every one o’ y’all b-tches
y’all be tweakin i am at the four seasons
with yo woman for the evenin’
i’m geekin’ up off this pack
i’m mixin’ it with a flat
leanin’ over gone i ain’t comin’ back
but you know i’m strapped up
you ain’t gettin dap bruh
yo game is whack son
a b-tch call me captain

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