versuri 07 - wizzac

Te rog, așteaptă...

the party is ready mister james bond

party on me
its a party on me
its yung wiz
party great gatsby
throwin’ the shades
pushing the heels
drinkin’ & drinkin’
im coughing that lean
how the f-ck sh-t changed right from a hobby?
how the f-ck paper got me straight to the lobby?
miss turned from a barbie to a f-ckin zombie
if i really say it doesn’t mean im sorry
pullin’ up pullin’ up pullin’ up bands
facing my problems my uncles my aunts
i ain’t got munchies
ounces of hash
runnin’ & runnin’
you runnin’ from ants
how the f-ck u tellin’ the word u low-key
top of your lungs your eyes are smokey
reminded by girls, im dunkin’ im kobe
dodging the bullets, im feelin’ like luffy
luffy, like luffy, like luffy
luffy, like luffy, like luffy

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