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Te rog, așteaptă...



lately i’ve been faded wasted cutting off these wires that have been attached
trading them for sacred lessons and i’ll never give them back
words that were translated into how to live so whyreless
living feeling worthless questioning sometimes if i exist
pinching skin to see if i am dreaming
are all these vivid visions while i’m sleeping?
but one look at you and i know that i’ll be alright
though these questions aren’t answered you’ll always be my light
you’re my ecstasy my remedy the melody to my favorite tune
feel the chemistry when you’re next to me and helplessly i am doomed
my special piece with hennessy that always readily poured for 2
a pleasant breeze of heaven’s ease i hope the rest will see what i do
girl i’ll listen to your soul cuz i know you want attention
and so i’m touching on your body cuz you know i want affection
and i can see it in your eyes that you l-st but i respect it
cuz you say you want n0body until you feeling a connection woah


girl i know that you’ve been waiting on me, but you just don’t know it yet
so don’t front cuz its so clear to see that i got you open, but as soon as i go in…
you say you want a connection (4x)


you know you the sh-t but baby what is on your mind
we’ll be fine, just don’t ever blow my line or blow my high
see you been eying my section but i don’t mind the attention
just provide what i like in time to find out our connection (2x)

you say you want a connection (4x)

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