versuri can't stop me - whiiteboy

Te rog, așteaptă...

you know whats on my mind, im on my grind
all the time, never quit till i shine
brighter than them diamonds in the sky, that’ll be i
not t.i. cause he’s on his old sh-t, im on my bold sh-t
take a rapper out quick, show em what im about sh-t
i’ma k!ll anyone else rappin, see you know its gonna happen
this means you qp, throw yo -ss in pigeon creek
needed help but you couldn’t see, wouldn’t f-ck with me
less i had paper, your just a f-ckin’ hater
sh-t you just in it for the money, you can’t even rap dummy
listenin to your sh-t should be a sin, songs whack next one aww sh-t whack again
sh-t i just made this track because i feel like it, feel like stirrin up some sh-t
maybe it’ll help us both come up and sh-t, maybe we could make a hit
when it’s all said and done, leave some other rappers holdin there tongue
up off the floor, like they just seen a naked demi moore

- versuri whiiteboy

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