speech or non-speech - viking

Te rog, așteaptă...

i don’t want to hear tonight your sorrowful complaint/ you are looking for something that n-body will ever give you/ freedom of speech, that is how you call it, i think it doesn’t exist/ so take the pen, take the microphone and scream what you’d like to scream// put it right inside of your head/ the others want you to shut up (hush, hush)/ freedom of speech is abstract for me/ speech or non-speech?/ i speak!/ chicca rules always and everywhere!!// if you give up they’ll win the power and your voice will be sunk/ deeper and longer makes the difference, but don’t forget to be wise/ it’s a war for survival, a war for existence, show your iron temper/ knock down your enemy, you know that the destiny of your cause depends on you// put it right…//

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