0 to 100 (remix) - verbal tech

Te rog, așteaptă...


verse :

i go zero to onehunna
staying on my chill sh-t
i ain’t even flexing
all you see is ice tip

i’m just having fun
while i make your nerve flip
i am pushing all those songs
while you only lip sink

you keep talking lotta sh-t
can’t even call me a rapper
but your girl called me the best
oh my god i am so flattered

i’m working for my dreams
24/7 i am a b-st-rd
you’re just moving too slow
and i am taking off faster

look i’m working h-lla hard
and i record when you sleep
and i am not gonna stop
until i lay six feet deep

and imma p-ss like a legend
at that the day when i die
but until that f-cking day comes
imma stay the coldest alive

i’m not f-cking with everybody
cos my circle is having a limit
better be proud if you in it
cos everybody else ain’t getting

look most of you fakes here
are just quitting and leaving
while i’m growing my realness
i’m gaining, leading and achieving

i don’t wanna be like you
i’m grind to be f-cking respected
man you just hate what i do
let me show you where’s the exit

yea real recognizes real
that is why you can’t see me
or maybe you’re just jealous
because you just can’t be me

i came to the game to stay
i didn’t come for a quicky
but if i’m ever leaving it
trust me imma leave a big hicky

when you hear my name you know
it’s gonna be drugs and whiskey
every night getting h-lla tipsy
taking what i want like a gypsy

look it’s me against the world
otherwise it wouldn’t be fare
and i’m about to go really far
trust me i’m honest i swar

i came from country of estonia
somewhere far across the ocean
from the small city of tallinn
where life goes in slow motion

got my monotone flow sound
but lyrics full of big emotions
i swear i will go big one day
and then i will cause a comotion

and i’m writing those songs
it’s my f-cking way to communicate
and if you try to fit it
then you’re just stupid fake


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