versuri 02.06.motion - verbal chum

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
this is something for the soul influenced
by people
i hang around wit my broes
and keep one lit for the road cop me
some wh0r- im finna conjure her soul
while at it conquer your throne and fl!ck the wrist like it’s cold
nevertheless it’s my time to shine
sat-rday i was so f-cking lit
didn’t even sleep at my crib gimmie lil time to recall
n-ggas were taking dives in there drinks
had a lil chill in the spirit
but there was vibes in this place
gave a lil shawty my hoody
and she jus left w ith the sh-t
n-ggas kept on showing my booty
when i was faded and sh-t
don’t even remember a thing
coz i was sick in the morning
my n-gga whipped out thing and took a p-ss in the corner
it’s struck me as lighting to see zamo with his b-tch
kissing her lips and fantasizing bout nookie
gimmie that p-ssy bet it’s so juicy
the moment i pull it
my shlong in the sushi
that’s probably what junior thought when
he was about to get it
taping that -ss it ended up as a mess
might invited those guests
that drank the tartar like shwerps
and left the fridges like sw-ng


every chance i get i’m smoking light it up and then we toke it
put some emphase on em records now
i’m highlighting you on what we did
i’ll ride i’ll die for my n-ggas
sometimes it’s hard but forgive me lord
i’m in motion now


-talks and laugh inquisitively-

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