versuri loving ghosts - vedera

Te rog, așteaptă...

i don’t know how long i’ve been here
the days all run together
you’re gone but you won’t disappear
traces of you will last forever
it feels like…
if i hold my breath you’ll walk in any second
and tell me it was all a mistake, cant believe that you left and
it haunts me to hold you this close
but hurts me more to let go
that’s why i’m still loving ghosts
they say i should get on with my life
but i can’t even get up
i’d rather believe in this beautiful lie
than admit you’re really gone forever

every sense is screaming
every hair stands on my skin
every room i feel it. you are here!
baby i’m not seeing, but i’m still believing
my heartbreak a chance worth taking
so on this floor i’ll still be waiting

and oh…i feel you this close now
….i’m still loving ghosts now

- versuri vedera

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