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05. lost

i’m lost like h-ll never knew what to be
with no help but left behind when they said they were family
how can it be so tough? i just wanna get away from the fiction & junk because i’ve had so much
always shot down with the title of a loser
locked in a void with emotional abusers
i’m a chooser of the path but it never goes straight
people act like my problems just have no weight
i been alone so long to make fierce decisions
didn’t know what to do with my unclеar visions
in my brain i felt little to gain i don’t know how it goes thе shotgun has been blown
& all i know is pain i been in circles with bullsh-t never goes away
much as i elude it, it straddles & i’m blamed
can’t get away i can never win
i try so hard but nothing ever seems to wanna f-ckin’ give

guess i’m lost
god i’m lost
guess i’m lost
i’m so lost

still i think to this day, should i change?
to f-ck myself up more & mess with my brain?
just to please you & be you & still be hated?
i’d rather keep it maniacal ’cause you’d only betray it
i’m still trying to make something of myself believe me
hard to do when so many are ready to deceive me
lookin’ at me you see a old lonely soul
keepin’ it as strong as i can to stay in control
i really can’t explain the evil built inside
when i’m expressin’ my depression i don’t ever lie
i beat myself up for my errors when they’re so small
i ain’t perfect don’t wanna be so don’t be tauntin’ me
i get cheated defeated i just can’t believe it
work so hard but bad luck stays repeated
it’s like my mind is a line i try to keep straight
jumpin’ over garbage but i land headfirst on the gate
born with challenges my disabilities
being a saint is impossible therefore i’m the villain v
sometimes i wish she was here so i could ask my mother
also got no comfort wit no significant other
all i wanna do is grip this mic & poor out my heart
to help people that have dealt & pull more out the dark
drop song after song till i can no longer breathe
then lay in my coffin holdin’ onto a v
i got 1 reason to live let’s keep it at this
no music no life i hope i’ll be leavin’ some prints
i’m smashing through any block or halt in my path
& your goin’ down with it if you collar me man
i don’t need your sympathy nor do i beg
’cause i fight what i can that’s every day
if you feel my tragedies then all i can say
is you feel my pain & you got my biggest thanks

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