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heisman (part 2) - tyga

Te rog, așteaptă...

heisman (part 2)
(feat. honey cocaine)

b-tch, it’s t-raww, blood on my paws
big booty chick back a n-gg- to the wall
never get involved, murder every bar
sh-t so illegal, get a green card
different cause, different from y’all
i work hard, you work at the mall
p-ss a b-tch off like my n-gg- john wall
f-ck in the dark, gimme the light, sean paul
yeahhhhh, b-tch i do this sh-t
cooler than a motherf-cking penguin lip
& my b-tch p-ssy fire gotta extinguish sh-t, lebron james & sh-t
got heat super freak rick james ya b-tch, leave a stain & sh-t
on ya couch in ya house like brotherman
hanging like mr. cooper hand

posing, heisman [x3]

[honey cocaine]
yo, got a asian b-tch on my left side
another asian b-tch, right, right side
they might send your -ss off to the next side
b-tch hold your d-mn breath cause you might die
gotta group of bad b-tches and i feel good
oh you’re hungry? too bad cause my meal’s good
and i shouldn’t beat a broad, but i still would
but i don’t try and be bad cause the deals good
yeah, now look i got that urge to feed them off some gold and sh-t
type of stuff to make them feel like alcohol and gold and sh-t
hold the b-tch, just sold the b-tch, f-ck you pay me is what i told the b-tch
can’t walk or talk cause i own you b-tch
please don’t make me hot, i’m the coldest b-tch (agh)

posing, heisman [x3]

well, running from the cop, boy born to kill
hand me the lock, bring it to your front door, doorbell
knock knock, who there? houdini dissappear
got green, john deere. more green, paul pierce
amazing win shot, you my son, i adopt , dop dop
pacman, that’s for opening your mouth
bust a nut, kick her out, lit a cigarrette now
put the cigarette down, i’m the sh-t, loose bowels
wow, laughing, did i say that out loud?
n-gg- getting busy like i work downtown
on to the next if she don’t f-ck right now (right now)
harder than a pipe, can’t pipe down
what you n-gg-s talking about?
man i’m what your b-tch is talking about
two months then the alb-m out
carelessworld drop, pewm, then im out.

posing, heisman [x3]

[honey cocaine]
if a b-tch f-ck around, i might go off
my advice is you better get dawn to go
you cannot shop at the mall, but i buy out the stores
i got a box of jewels, i call it pot of gold
call the cops to go, as my pockets grow
get the chains and the rings and the watches, bro
and i boxed a sl-t, i just boxed a hoe
you tried to p-ss me b-tch, it ain’t possible, nah
i’m cool as f-ck, i suggest you dress for the weather b-tch
is forever sh-t, whenever b-tch
what’s a wh-r- to a queen? whatever b-tch!
i crop a kid, it’s a hot to sh-t
its some gucci, louis, fendi, prada sh-t
tell them eat a d-ck, you ain’t nada b-tch
find me in the club where my partners is
(schwagg, b-tch!)

posing, heisman [x3]

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