all gold everything - tyga

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all gold everything

gold all in my chain, b-tch
gold all in my ring, b-tch
gold all in my watch
don’t believe me, just watch
n-gg- n-gg- n-gg-
don’t believe me, just watch
don’t believe me just watch, b-tch
n-gg- n-gg- n-gg-
don’t believe me, just watch, b-tch
don’t believe me, just watch
gold all in my chain
gold all in my ring
gold all in my watch
don’t believe me, just watch

t raww i don’t f-ck with n-gg-s
my money long, my temper midget
king gold chains i reinvented
this gold sh-t, you a gold fish n-gg-
try me, four kings like free sale n-gg-
sippin’ out a cup like a toddler, n-gg- n-gg-
who the f-ck want drama, pain,
back at it like a chiropractor, mane
that that n-gg- rock a quarter mil in chains
gat squirt at ya like stacey lane
n-gg- n-gg- sunroof ya brain
came out to drink but you can’t even hang
only came ’cause a n-gg- got paid
sleep with them hoes, they gon’ f-ck up your name
pop the zanny i’m stressed
pop the molly i’m flex,
dre beats my beats bang, biker jeans, ball mane
she suck me off till i’m all drained
kick her out, liu kang
wild body need two lanes,
got a fiver for a b-tch that go to tulane
n-gg-s think that i’m playin’
i ain’t sayin’ this sh-t to be slayin’ a n-gg-
make your bed, lay in it, f-cker
born sinner, make a n-gg- die for his dinner
eyes of a tiger, stone killer, cold blooded winner
f-ckin’ beast, goin’ ham, gotta eat
thanksgiving, don’t thank me,
cause that ain’t beef, y’all n-gg-s sweet,
money leech, money launderin’
private jet, i don’t fly economy
man i make it rain while you n-gg-s try to maintain
all my n-gg-s gang bang, shout out honey cocaine
last kings, ymcb b-tch
187, stay on some g sh-t


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