versuri 0 to 100 (remix) - ts cool

Te rog, așteaptă...

starting to seem like everyone that’s around you
is beginning to notice you’re the one i’ve been looking down to
see how i surround you, murdering your pride
you heard of him? and they nod, believe it man they’ve been bound to
0 to 100, push to start
move weight, girl you know they got that kush in the car
she was trying to throw the cookie, and make sure no one looking
but if she acting snookie we can smush in the park
alright, came through the back
young boy with that ignorant attire
if i name you in a song, you should finish & retire
b-tch i’m only shifting higher, so they must have been under him
if he misses then his mrs. is going to find her way under him
and i mean that disrespect
i will never shake your hand unless you handing me a check
nothing less, never settle but i meddle if she’s rocking her stilettos
talking gr-ss? got a meadow, its the best, yeah
a lot of rap dudes ’round the way
yet they tell me bring it back
yeah sure, i bet you’re down to play
but you could never see me on track
understand, i don’t really give a d-mn if we friends
i will tear your -ss to pieces, then i’ll do the sh-t again
“yo torin where’s my feature? you’re really one of the greatest”
boy quit acting like a b-tch when you talking to the man
lesson number one
i thought you knew this? i’ve been trying to do this
she said you got to keep ’em comin, keep them speakers gunning, motherf-cker
any less, well then, you done
stop with all of the bickering
’cause y’all is all of my children
talk is cheap, better bill him then
cuff him up cause he k!lling them
spilling, drilling, belittle them, giggle at silly little men
that’s what you are to me
opportunity knocks, and that door is ajar to me
that sh-t isn’t far to me, in fact & in reality
it’s closer, poser, & all ’cause i’m raw, witty
i am a hot topic, you shop at hot topic
you at the ground floor, while we at the top watching
you could never stop him, cease or desist it
if you trying to step to me, then you’re gonna need some -ssistance
i’m incredible, impeccable, steady stepping ahead of you
levy filled to the brim with my knowledge just to embarr-ss you
and i know that it’s rude
see i can see the envy, like “it must be dope to be you,” yeah
slept on, but never only left to dream
tracks rest in peace so i can rest in peace
a bad–ss in the era of the pros
so you’re gonna need some capital to check my st–z, hater please
i’m around, been around, and i’m staying
to dumb it down, you a clown, i’m a saiyan
boy i shine so bright, that i blind ’em
5-0 start yapping? we blonde ’em
get it dog? i’ll throw you in reservoirs
that’s why she’s with us, instead of y’all
better pause if you didn’t catch the last one
it snuck in on some trojan, magnum
she said “i’m really turned on in the presence of a poet,”
and so i had to edgar allen poe it, you know it
known as a gentleman, pr-ne to embellishment
charged him with murder, ain’t home for the sentencing
catch up, boy

whole squad on that real sh-t (2x)

- versuri ts cool

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