who you rollin' wit - trip lee

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. flame & json)

who you rollin’ with (who you rollin’ with, who you rollin’ with)

are they livin’ unashamed of his name?
or are they trippin’ fakin’ this thang?
are they livin’ fo da kang a da kangs?
yeah, yeah

my cats don’t chase fame
my cats don’t smoke weed
my cats don’t chase chain
no, we got what we need
my cats don’t chase chicks
my cats don’t sip on
my cats don’t stack bricks
man, we focused on the lord
my cats got each other
we call it brotherly love
and yeah we draped out and covered in jesus’ blood
my homies they straight pray
my homies they straight fast
my homies are so serious
an’ they ain’t chasin’ cash
my sisters are so serious
and they ain’t chasin’ men
my sisters guardin their hearts
and strayin away from sin
my sisters they dress modest
ain’t showin off all their skin
my sisters they run a race in preparation to win
my squad stay in this faith
cause man we know we can slip
that’s why we stay dependent and remain off in his grip
my squadron never forget that we were sc-m of da earth (earth)
livin dead in our sin he came in and gave us birth
that’s serious


when i’m with my squad it might be hard to spot me
cause we all look like a jesus
carbon copy
we church boys (yeah)
this is the charge i’m hoping you see the desperate need
believers run together like the legs on a centipede (oh)
oh yes indeed we fall but we get up lifted up
by the body that’s called to pick us up
so we must be surrounded by accountability partners. without none,
christian livings intentionally harder
hope you’re listening partner
cause the fact of the matter is what happens here just hurts your walk
like feet calluses look hard and there’s something you should peep
you will see that we are the very company we keep, even me
(who you rollin with)
is it cat’s that’s complacent or
dudes that continue to grow in wisdom and patience
(who you rollin with)
because this part here is crucial
show our heart and hopes maybe the feeling is mutual


[trip lee:]
look man we gotta roll with cats that’s out shootin fo da same thang
like target practice
god know as you look around it’s hard in fact it’s
real discouraging instead of saints they all look backwards
but we gotta find some dudes (dudes)
be up in the pews
pray away from booze
like to spread good news
that ain’t chasin after chicks
that ain’t livin fo dem selvs
ain’t blazin up the spliffs
that ain’t out der tryin to sell (yeah)
so take a look at the dudes in your squad
how they tryna be like christ or diddy, ludacris, and nas, yeah
and to my sisters, are the girls up in ya crew (crew)
dancin like beyoncã© or followin his rules
where we need accountability fo times when we gon fall (fall)
so when we start slippin we got folks that we can call (call)
they can help us get back (back)
back to servin christ (christ)
we gotta roll with cats (cats)
that’s after eternal life
who you rollin with?

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