trick - let it fly - trick

Te rog, așteaptă...

“let it fly”
(feat. ice cube & lil jon)

[intro: trick trick]
yeah! this your boy trick trick
i got my dawg ice cube in this motherf-cker (lench mob!)
i got my dawg lil jon close by too
right about now i need everybody to get they motherf-ckin hands up
and wherever the f-ck you from
let the whole club see it
what! what! like this!

[chorus: lil jon]
throw your hood up, n-gg- let me see it (let me see it)
throw your sets up high in the sky (in the sky)
let the whole club know that you in this b-tch
throw your hood up, n-gg- let it fly (let it fly)

[trick trick]
from 7 mile, b.k. to crenshaw to camden to bankhead
all our homies get cheese (get cheese)
lynnwood to a-z, compton to brook-nam
fifth ward hitters pimp be (pimp be)
school craft to grape street, harlem to 8th street
ninth ward killers throw it up (throw it up)
southwest to brightmo’, puritan to 6 mile
number streets won’t hold ’em up (hold ’em up)
eastside you see the e’s, westside show the dubs
riders all around throwin fourths (throwin fourth)
blue and red flags up in the air hangin high
and can see ’em c’in and b-walk (b-walk)
little g’s khaki suited with french braids, af-1’s
ducati frames on beams (on beams)
o.g.’s distributin them big thangs swingin them big chains
sportin that lil’ teen (teen)


[ice cube]
yeah g-a-n-g-s-t-a (gangsta)
s-h-i-t in a white tee (you know)
i am the h-double-o-d
y’all n-gg-z know me, the big double o.g. (yea-yea)
f-ck the police, i used to roll goalie
i used to hold these and drink down 40’s
all the rolies would come to control me
i’m uncontrollable when i’m on some gold d’s (ooh-ooooh!)
back the f-ck up, i’m hard as concrete
sidewalk gun talk university
every hood’s the same, up in detroit
i’m with trick trick, smoked about three joints
on to b-mp one ‘fore we hit the parkin lot
after the fifth one n-gg-z don’t talk a lot
hit the club, mean mug, what you lookin at? (what you lookin at?)
who that b-tch you with? i’ll put a hook in that


[lil jon]
if you true to yo’ hood and you rep yo’ set
throw it up, throw it up, throw it up, throw it up
eastside, westside, southside, where you at?
throw it up, throw it up, throw it up, throw it up
what up cuz, cuz? what up blood, blood?
throw it up, throw it up, throw it up, throw it up
midwest, west coast, dirty south, east coast
throw it up, throw it up, throw it up, throw it up


[outro: ice cube (trick)]
what up trick trick? (what up o.g.?)
this your n-gg- ice cube (right)
now check this out, i’m in downtown detroit (alright)
on my way to the club (right)
i find out, that the b-tch i’m text messagin (uh-huh)
is the same b-tch the mayor’s text messagin (ohhh!)
what n-gg-z to do man?
but keep it hood, f-ck it

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