you damn right - trick daddy

Te rog, așteaptă...

[chorus x2]
i do it for the hustlers, you d-mn right that im doing it for the n-gg-s who sittin and aint snitchin,
and all the n-gg-s who gone, i aint forget you, im still here waitin cause you still my n-gg-.

[verse 1]
hold up, ay, i just sent another kite, to my people thats locked, they say he had another fight (again),
they say he got 30 days in the hole for beatin a n-gg-s -ss for tryin him like a hoe (thats my n-gg-),
treetum gone, all over c-ke, hit him with conspiracy cause he was on the boat, they say he’ll do 15 at the most,
we prayin for an appeal, but it is what it is, my uncle real, my uncle aint snitchin,
thats why i got a free lou shirt with his picture, rich -ss n-gg-s nuts cross on a n-gg-,
well f-ck how they feel n-gg- i still miss you (i still miss you), i represent it,
for n-gg-s like chamilias, alex, chard, keith, and those who aint livin,
and anybody else that died in the struggle, and anybody else behind bars cause they hustle.

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
im doin this one for the thugs, and them n-gg-s on the corner every morning gettin money,
yes sir, and those who died by the gun, and now they dead and gone, im doin this one for the deaf, the crippled, and blind,
for those who went strong, and they lost they mind, im doin this one for the low income, the slaws, the homies, the basers, and bongs,
for the good, they got to suffer with the bad, and for the mother of the child with the dead beat dad,
for my lil brother who was just in the crash, now he cant feel his arms or his legs, man,
im doin this one for the tears that were shed, for all the n-gg-s that was sentenced to the state or the feds,
to all the does who was givin they bows after talkin to the door while they homeboys told

[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
listen bra i know you waitin on that day to jump, but keep ya head up boy because its soon to come,
cause you know the streets miss you they ask about you errday, so you gotta maintian,
get up out this okay, though i know you hot cause your homeboys sh-ttin on ya, f-ck them n-gg-s tho,
you dont need em on the real homie, real, real, you already know what it is, bein locked up n-gg-s dont give a f-ck,
only real n-gg-s gon keep it treal with you, and you know im blood, what you need im’a get you,
cuz ima hold it down on some real sh-t n-gg-, bein caged in the pen aint for a real n-gg-,
true fact not fictions, im all in, do ya time like a g f-ck what the streets said,
the way you drugged gurantee youl be on ya feet man, aint no bullsh-t bra, you will see i aint playin.

[chorus x2]

[verse 4]
you see i do it for the hustle, and the n-gg-s who stood over pots and watched that sh-t bubble,
and them n-gg-s stood on the block and watched that money double, and the ones who stood up to cops and aint said nothin,
look, aint that many alive, but i know plenty ridin, my lil brother locked up, doin 25,
and when i get some change ima try and change that, and just to think about the n-gg-s i cant bring back,
and can we please have a moment of silence, for all the n-gg-s thats no longer around us,
for all the n-gg-s that pro-longed in the county and metro-s and tgk and star-k, n-gg- we block raised,
cops couldnt stop pay, we got rocks so we open up shop today, times is hard, plus life is a mothaf-cka,
we gotta ride low-key and ride under cover.

[chorus x2]

dont think your forgotten about, counting down until you get out, until then were holding it down, were doing this for you.

- versuri trick daddy

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