versuri gold$oul - tree'j x

Te rog, așteaptă...

word word…

[verse: tree’j x]
beautiful young thang .. where the drugs at? im tryna get you high.. slow down, explore ya mind. & vibe, undressing her w/ my mind. you can see it in my eyes, im stroking her till my eyes drop..

we could smoke l’s & make love. you riding me while i light it, addressing me as “your heiness”.. silence. im really digging your aura. this sh-t is feeling nostalgic
would love if i was a part of… you

i’m yours.. mind, body, & soul
you always run through my brain
doubt that you would ever know..

let’s do drugs & cuddle, i wanna zone with you. chill alone with you. i swear girl, all i want is you.. late nights, just wishing i could come home to you & smoke a few
but im too f-cking busy, i got songs to do

my goddess.. love is full of hydraulics
as long you keep it honest, im staying here. that’s a promise.. fasho!

yo.. baby, you got soul
lets take a trip through your thoughts
im sure that i’d find gold.. you’re golden..
from your heels up to your lipstick, lean on your lips, taste the purple when i kiss it..

i wanna make you numb until my seats wet. im tryna make you c-m until my sheets wet
make yo’ toes curl, eyes roll, dreams wet. mami thats sweet s-x..
all i hear is screams, yes..

physical penetration
& spiritual inspiration
mental elevation
with just a little patience..
that’s all we really need to make this night the greatest.. i love your fragrance, and yo’ curves looking right, im faded..

i hate it.. but i love it at the same time
ignore the hate, express the love and everything’s fine
in a state of euphoria. love, i can’t lie. goldsoul, your skin’s a 100k. you’ll never fade, ma..

you bring out the best in me, not the stress in me. our chemistry is sorta like ecstasy to a melody, it’s heavenly
secondly, i believe you’re my remedy, i don’t need therapy
you’re my recipe till i rest in peace..

-wake up-

i just wanted you to f-ck me..
then i fell for you, was thinking that you would love me.. & you wonder why i puff trees.. where the drugz be? you were my novocaine, you numbed me.. now im chilling, kinda wishing i could fall through. yeah, life would be sweeter if i could call you.. i just need someone i could talk too. & maybe vent a little, but whatever, sh-t its all cool..

tried to get you off my mind, f-cked around and lost my mind. i dont think my heart can find, anybody..

i thought that you were meant for me
it turned into a memory
but f-ck it, i guess that it wasn’t meant to be..

im guessing it wasn’t meant to be
im guessing you wasn’t sent for me
im guessing you wasn’t meant for me..

- versuri treej x

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