forget about the rain - trapt

Te rog, așteaptă...

i know i’ve got to try to look to better days
well i don’t feel right, yeah you know it’s not the same
the weather here was nice but the sun has gonne away tell me why those clear skies so suddenly
have changed

i dont know where i am going
i just hope i’m not alone
oh i hope i’m not alone
cause in this sp-ce theres no room for me to be sheltered from the cold
who really knows, who really knows

lets forget about the rain
don’t let your worries wash you away
lets forget about the rain
hold onto the calm before the storm came

when the sky overcast the clouds that darkens to gray i remember what i had
oh i dream of yesterday, so caught up in the past
the memories don’t fade, i know this wont last, in the past i can’t stay



ohhh, ohhh
ohhh, ohhh

soon the sky will clear and dry up all your tears
and the sun will come to shine on you again
they will disappear and so will all your fears
and the storm that you’ve been hiding from will end


lets forget about the rain [x6]

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