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slammin' doorz - trae

Te rog, așteaptă...

“slammin’ doorz”
(feat. young buck)

[young buck]
trae mayne
man i’m feeling so h-town right now my n-gg-
this big -ss white -ss cup
you know what i mean?

slammin’ doorz, pulling them hoes [x6]

[young buck]
i know they see me out here, right?
riding all through this h-town street, do you understand me?
real n-gg-s do real things!
so your hood should be in the air right now
oh, i know you all see us out here, right?

[young buck]
so much candy paint, all of this codeine
them plastic white cups
84’s on everything
i got my kacky creased, heavy stars i’m h-town
just got off the phone with jay prince,
they bout to hate now!
i’m throwed
slowly moving down this road,
what don’t kill you makes you stronger i was told.
so i carry the load, 2000 pounds of dro
i just sold like, i can get myself about this hoe
i’m slammin’ doorz

slammin’ doorz, pulling them hoes [x6]

i’m in the slab
looking in the memory challange stunna
premeditated i blew the brains out and left it with scrilla
presidential elected king of the streets by the gutter
with the wrist…
i am the streets, so tell the p-ss-es quit clamming my name
if you ain’t tippin fours with hood
respect me or nothing the same
you can still can find me where your favorite gangstas never go
probably in the rich popping the trucks
slammin’ the doorz

slammin’ doorz, pulling and .. [x6]

[young buck]
trae i’m on 59
where i go to see the hood
head to the western homie
i gotcha everything is hood
hop in this whip and lets swing these 84’s
and grip the wood
[young buck]
feeling just like i should,
take a n-gg- life i could!
cause i’m a gangsta homie
they ain’t got nothing on me
[young buck]
they street credit phoniey
plus i got this pistol on me
[young buck]
they know what we’re about

[young buck]
black match, we’re coming to get you!
that goes for you and whoever is witcha
i’m from the city where pimping..
[young buck]
big hawk and big moe body rocking down the air
i let the top lean and greet you with the duece up
[young buck]
hey trae
they say in texas you ain’t sh-t if you ain’t screwed up!

slammin’ doorz, pulling them hoes [x6]

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