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port of morrow - the shins

Te rog, așteaptă...

port of morrow

through the rain
and all the clatter,
under the freemont bridge,
i saw a pigeon fly,
fly in fear
from a raptor
come to take its life.

does it closed
and for the captured,
i funnel the fear through my ancient eyes.
see in flight
where i know all the bitter mechanics of life.

under my hat,
it breathes,
the lines are all imagined.
a fact of life
i know
to hide from my little girls.
i know my place amongst
the bugs and all the animals.
and it’s from these ordinary people
you were longing to be free.

in my hotel,
and on the tv,
a pitcher on the stage
like a buzzard cries
out a warning,
a phony sorrow.
he’s trying to get a rise.

sign of life
of an almot.
let him look at your hands,
get the angles right.
ace of spades,
port of morrow,
life is death
is life.

i saw a photograph
of cologne in ’27,
and then a postcard after the bombs in ’45.
must have been a world of evil clowns
that let it happen.
but now i recognize,
in these eyes,
that you were there
and so was i.

under my hat, i know
the lines are allimagined.
a fact of life,
i must impress my little girls.
i know my place amongst
the creatures
in the pageant.
and there are flowers
in the garbage,
and a skull
under your curls.

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