04 uwaka - the lost and found (paybac x boogey)

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’ve just been feeling some type of way man
that’s it

(verse 1)
kick back
i’m frontline even when a n-gg- sit back
got game like i backflip on a track make you flip back
splish splash
got that girl wetter than the time i took six baths
diss track
i said f-ck buhari you can’t even get a diss track

say my name say my name
like why the f-ck you sub me
i rather we get ugly
i came to take your money
they money
his money
i put it on my mummy
i was gon take it sufri
now i’mma f-ck your mummy

(hook can’t be transcribed. i don’t know? za ke ci uwaka?)

(verse 2 boogey)
i was knocking at the door and you locked up. n-gg-s treating me like a leper, i had to step up, i told you that i was gonna get my gwap up. now you really ain’t touching me, luckily i made a k!lling and the blood that i been spilling never mopped up. thought you were the hand of god, i was plotting like little finger, middle finger when i take your woman and give her the finger then give her back and she feeling a little single, i’m really into the way that she call me big poppa
i been big, you never saw it, i prayed…
…and i kept shining, i’m better for it today
burning bush been 6yrs, where you been? the memo sort of delayed?
look now, i can set a forest ablaze
uwaka. waka. five fingers of death
don’t compare me to n-gg-s who had 5 singles and slept..
. and when you mention my name, better try and sprinkle respect

- versuri the lost and found paybac x boogey

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