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incredibad - the lonely island

Te rog, așteaptă...

[the lonely island]
nowwwwwww let’s take a trip down memory lane
back to junior high school where it all begain
three bad little kids raisin h-ll at school
we were just 13, straight actin the fool
every day after cl-ss kiva’s house was the spot
makin crazy prank calls hopin not to get caught
best friends, blood brothers, yo we one and the same
’til one fateful afternoon when everything changed
one day playin punch out up and came doom
the house started shakin and we heard a kaboom
looked out the back window saw billowin smoke
yo your backyard is smashed – man this isn’t a joke!
(yo let’s go check this out man) (aight bet, let’s go)
all the smoke and debris led straight to the bas-m-nt
yo what the h-ll is that? man it looks like a sp-ceship
we all ran for cover, as the hatch opened wide
and a little green dude stepped out from inside; he said

[little green dude]
i’m from mars, and i come in peace
i have something to ask, and it’s not discrete
there’s a mutated strain in our dna helix
and you three kids are the ones who can heal it

[the lonely island]
but we’re just 13 man, what can we do?

[little gay dude]
umm how should i put this? i think we should screw
(what?!) on my home planet we can no longer breed
i’ve been sent as a receptacle to store your seed

[the lonely island]
storin our seed? – yo i think he means s-x
man i’m a virgin – we all are – bet!
{i’m just gonna lie here and close my eyes}
aww what should we do? now he’s spreading his thighs!
{you’ll be heroes on our planet} but why us 3?
{you’re the chosen ones, you’ll just have to trust me}

yo should we do it? man i don’t know
i say we put it to a vote.. all in favor..
say aye.. aye~!

[the lonely island]
okay, we’re in {cool} who should go first?
{i have three depositories to capture your burst}
wait, so at the same time? {yeah that’s what i was thinking}
{here’s some wine coolers, let’s get you boys drinking}
we pounded the drinks and, started gettin tipsy
then took our positions, and started gettin frisky
one in the front, and two in the back
had it locked up like a chinese finger trap

[little green gay dude]
keep pumping away, my wife and family thank you

[the lonely island]
i’m about to explode – yo son, me too
three-way climax, best friends forever
what a blessing to have lost our virginity together

[green martian queer]
andy, jorma, kiv’, you’ve saved my race
your reward is one wish then i’ll go back to sp-ce

[the lonely island]
we looked at each other, didn’t have to talk
knew exactly what we wanted, before he took off
mr. alien sir, for what it’s worth
we want to be the greatest fake mc’s on earth

[little green guy]
your wish is granted and thanks again
i may have saved my planet but i’m losing three friends
what happened today was both incredible and bad
therefore your name is incredibad!

incredibad… [scratching and samples]

[n.w.a. parody]
stop stop stop stop, stop!!
sa-prize, everyone! [sirens]

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