versuri 01. anti-social (intro) - the last rhyme

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intro (the last rhyme)

i wanna make a change
i wanna be the difference
i don’t wanna sell my soul
i wanna beat the system
everyday i pray to god
hoping that he would just listen
feel like i’m all alone
i trapped my mind inside a prison
i dont ever wanna be another wanna be
staring greatness through the mirror right in front me
i speak the truth i’d never lie on how my life has been
if you judge i guess thats your take on the things you see

but don’t assume and keep on hiding all your sin
we all the same it doesn’t matter on the colour of your skin
i put the blame on religion dividing every one through fears
don’t get me wrong i pray to god
accepting blessing that give


- versuri the last rhyme

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