hey waiter - the karkadens

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey waiter, fill her up
you know i don’t want to see the bottom of this cup
so as the evening ends, with these messages, and low, low intentions
we’ll be going our own ways long after night

well evidently it’s come to haunt us again tonight
and inevitably we’re caught stupid and blind
and ever mockingly, i hear them mocking me
but more than they’d intend, words creep down these hall throughout the night

hey wait up, ’cause i’ve a thought
and it’s funny how i find myself thinking so much
but with a history begging to repeat
i can’t help but ignore your pleas and cries well outside the door

so indefinitely we’ll fight the silence through the night
and undeniably the hush has only fallen on my side
but as i always do, you’ll see me make it through
but this time i bring no love
along with me towards the other side

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