versuri 00’s kid - the eyes

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
it’s childish to reminisce
young man, they gonna make my life
a manga, this the eyes saga
youth was short lived, ya
ima short kid, made the best of it all styll
talking gameboy to kim possible
before spitting game boy & doing the impossible
drug busts every summer, the block was hot
growing up all those dudes got locked up
recall then sayin they’ll jump me for smoking up
lost their freedom over same smoke
barrel of a blunt or gun? we don’t know
stay in school & get out
sorry i took a different route
tamagotchi this home ain’t real to me


[verse 2]
filmore printing bus p-sses
meanwhile sleeping through all my cl-sses
i mean it wasn’t even a while back, i’m wilin
still it’s on my back, back talked authority
still do that lowkey, it’s apparent in me
teachers never transparent to me
besides fate other tings on store
those yeezys weren’t waiting in store
before that mans walked on air
that’s that new balance
flew to close to the sun
put dudes in check with a tabletop roasting
wield nike’s for the victory
archilies, first kiss in some park
i was swinging

- versuri the eyes

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