we got it for cheap (intro) - the clipse

Te rog, așteaptă...

fear him, as soon as you hear him
upon my arrival, the dope dealers cheer him
just like a revival, the verse tends to steer ’em
through a life in the fast lane like german engineerum

no serum can cure all the pain i’ve endured
from crack to rap to back to sellin’ it pure
for every record i potentially sell in the store
it’s like mecca to the dealer that’s sellin’ it raw

so many deceive ya
i’m on touch with the keys, move over alicia
i force feed ya the metric scale
rap’s like child’s play, my show and tell

within each verse you see the truths unveil
they manufacture proof as they lie to themselves
puppets on the string like a yoyo
bouncin’ like a pogo, they prayin’ i never go solo

got it for cheap

the wall’s removed and now i see
my leg was pulled, the joke’s on me
so heartbreakin’, like lovin’ a wh-r-
might hurt ya once but never no more

it’s like tryin’ to fly but they clippin’ your wings
and that’s exactly why the caged bird sings
who can nickname it? the shame rings true
seems to me, reparations are overdue

i done been to the top, i done sipped the juice
and with that bein’ said, bird crumbs’ll never do
even on my last, not a penny in the bank
i’ma stand on my own, so, thanks but no thanks

keep the pranks as i bid farewell
i gotta answer to marcus and jannel
and to little brother terrence who i love dearly so
if ever i had millions, never would you push blow, never

got it for cheap

i’m the best since he died and he lied
the spirit of compet-tion, one verse could start jihad
cpr pusha, the flow tends to revive
pullin’ the covers back, i expose what you disguise

my presence is felt, the pressure is on
a four eleven cuban helped us weather the storm
pyrex and powder, it was back to the norm
through all the adversity, the fury was born

n-gg-z don’t get the picture, it’s written in scripture
even at your mama’s, she’ll tell you that blood’s thicker
and i don’t know how them other n-gg-z built
and i don’t know if ever they feel guilt

or maybe n-gg-z just too high on they stilts
but this one’s on me, i’ma view it as spilt milk
grandma look at me, i’m turnin’ the other cheek
it’s the reupgang

got it for cheap

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