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american rejects - time stands still - the all

Te rog, așteaptă...

time stands still

him and her
life is turned.
the day i knew you would leave
i can barely breathe
can you hear me scream

you thrown in all directions
you epitome of perfection
she’s lost her will (she’s lost her will)
time is standing still

he walks, her, home
now he walks alone
the days they turn into years
the eyes they drown in tears

can you hear me scream


the way we are the way we were
(it’s just a shadow of what’s wrong)
the time with you the time is stirred
(i love you for, so long)
the hearts they turn, they turn away
(she says to go please don’t you cry)
love lost was found, night turns to day

[chorus x2]

time is standing still

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