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the author

the search has begun, this is page one.
man, meet your maker, i give you the author.
he may seem familiar because he looks like your mirror.
you’ve lied like a lawyer, but don’t deny it when you’re face to face
with demons dancing off mirror images reflecting all that you wanted.
so far from perfect, onward we will strive.
take it for what it’s worth, this truth that you’ve realized.
you’re not who you thought you were, it’s time to see the other side of what you have become.
nothing but your single serving selfish chapters of sacrificial moral standards.
no stranger to apathy in bold situations, take your time to make it happen.
leave your mirror, and spare your excuse as a self-serving actor.
so close to perfect.

it’s all the same, no face or complexion.
you’re not worth what you’re spending.
when you’re screaming “danger, danger!”, don’t stop, go on alone.
desperate endeavor, you’ve got to take it or leave it, if you will.
it’s not so convincing that you’re the only one here who can be like me.

the search has begun. leave your letters, but it won’t matter.
take back what is left before your death, but is it really you that they suspect?
you take shots, who’s the figure before the flame?
it’s not hard to spark, but it’s hard to master. so look for the answer.
single serving selfish chapters on your condition. l-st and liars.
so get out, stop dreaming, if you’re one for breathing.
sacrificial moral standards of two reflections.
truth and fire, something you’ll live for.
so close to perfect.

it’s all you’ve got, one chance for conviction.
lies fuel fires and your suspect won’t walk.
when you’re screaming “danger, danger!”
don’t, don’t stop, just go on alone.
desperate endeavor, you’ve got to take it or leave it if you will. (run, run)
it’s not so convincing that you’re the only one who could be like me.

from this point on.
the way you thought it would all work out…
but we’ve hit autumn.
just follow the story, the fall of the author.
just one more year and you’ll choose to regret.

one on one to repent, your eyes are fading.
sleep alone, sleep alone, sleep alone.
sleep alone.

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