versuri 02 ritalin - tardast

Te rog, așteaptă...

02 ritalin / marwa

verse i
mee shan vaa chesh maam
(my eyes getting opened)
me dream termination and chaotic of my world and
insomnia and rouse till it become tomorrow
early bell in the morning
piece of brekky and tea in my hand
they say that you’re more, hyperactive
“mind jumping”you have, you jumping
from this branch?
i say it ain’t long till next branch
never mind! in my own world and kicking the bottle straight to the target
‘farmani! by my room after all queues left-
am i guilty to being surcharge ?
therapist’s holistic
pushing me through drugs and pills
¼ daily for me focus? its all liе
don’t circle around me
the bittеrness got under my tongue
and spat it behind the commode
na it wasn’t me
was on purpose if i wore any mask to get calmer
me look’s a bullet fire, my self righteous (pertinacity) becomes my gun powder
am infected too!
wait! this isn’t me
searched into myself it isn’t me
empty pockets me with art conception (perception)
no doubt i’ll become trouble
if i get release from this cage
what my silence gives you
to telling me to not shout
minds are scattered
i take one n half (ritalin)
now am calmer
no sign of force
now am calmer
knelt alone in my room
if the society’s classes are brutal
scratching you to gain more numbers
sneer at them, they’ll get disappear
they’ll be only spectator anywhere you reach
they’ll laugh if you fall
and becoming barrier if you going up
(whispering hook);
falling asleep and wake up
complaining about all of them
locked all them doors
and you looking for the “shah kilid” ? (main key)
you always walk, always walking
where you wanna arrive to
you’re going on the wrong path
falling asleep and wake up (whisper)

verse ii
i scratched each time
passed it again
anytime freezing
getting shaky if i don’t swallow/eat one ina week
fast and fast and faster my pulse
maybe i’m only a lie but i’m a fear
what should i scare/fear from?
if i could dedicate everyday to justice
a word would be the result and
maybe a note
them days has arrived and now i’m a letter/word, more complete
in a right arrow, bit weird but calmer
me? wish it was me
now i become myself to destroy past effects
these buzzards still looking for its profits
is there anything left
from that soil(country) that they’re after it??
no one can’t be bothered and it’s a danger
still way left to become ghalamdar
my words woke them people up and general public were deaf
im tired na ain’t got no strength in them feet
those went wrong for lifetime
looked for targets, looking for a reason me
full of psychosis, dis-sociable? na
i got ready, flied without wings
now its time to leave
give over from my heart’s soil
feel it through my ventricle
till reason to reason this case become complete
and open up a way to a result
an outsider inside me, passing by
his map in hand still, jumping
how strength the world is
target is in his mind
knows his path
summaries into words and phrases
its guzzling his brain
inside his audacity’s anatomy/body
his memories are precious
his existence is a danger
the first and last kid, bad ni na his pen’s ink
(bad ni~ not bad)
floating into roads till tehran becomes a trouble too, i’ve been there when it wasn’t any signs of him yet, continual numbness which is with me still, unconscious during the journey
little bit moody still
the last picture
a cloudy evening
the plane’s window and uncertain me
me eyes goes to get cloudy
rain drip on me eyelid and me soil and blood
which is getting far from me second by second
(khaak in farsi means soil which is also using as homeland or country, khoon means blood and when it comes with “e” sound, it becomes khoone which means home)

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