slide show - t.i.

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. john legend)

[verse one: t.i.]
when i think about all my time and all my struggle
through all my grinding and all my troubles
man i came up from nothing, all i had was a hustle
with a blindfold trying to find pieces to the puzzle no muzzle
i tell it like it is, that’s that
right or wrong i’ma call it like i see it don’t forget
that impossible is nothing your environments irrelavant
just don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence
refuse to give up, your mistakes don’t define you
they don’t dictate where your headed they remind you
the time keep ticking let your mind keep clicking
never stop thinking be aware of your positions
be aware of the collisions and the potholes sitting
on the road that you travel on your life long mission
just listen every day is like a snapshot taken
if you live you can learn to be patient

[hook: john legend]
cuz life is like a slideshow
all the places that i go
and i the things that i know
through all the highs and low
cuz life is like a slideshow
all things that i’ve seen
and all the things that i’ve dreamed
you can’t take away from me
cuz life is like a slideshow

[verse two: t.i.]
as i look back at a fly young cat
who could rap with a dream look where i took that
beginning on bankhead then it spread out
vision in my head all i had to was get it out
when i walked out of my house and looked at my street
all i seen was opportunity that led me to truency
i ain’t really have a role model to infleunce me
uncle quinn in prison they say next it’s going be you in it
as i juvenile caught cases so fluently
look at my life and learn from it don’t do it
if i only knew back then what i know now
how much better life would of been if i’da slowed down
maybe i’da been kanye instead of seeing gunplay
but god got a plan, i’ll understand one day
but one day of life, like a snapshot taken
just believe you can make it have faith be patient


[legend singing]
ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhhhh~!
looking back on my lifetime
see the slides go by, sometimes i wonder why
looking back on where i’ve been
i remember when
do you remember then

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