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no matter what - t.i.

Te rog, așteaptă...

yeah, yeah, yeah, aye,
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
i say still i stand
and shawty here i am

never have you seen in you lifetime
a more divine southern rapper with a swag like mine
facing all kind of time
but smile like i’m fine
brag with such p-ssion and shine without trying
believe me pain’s a small thing to a giant
i was born without a dime
out the gutta i climbed
spoke my mind
and didn’t stutter one time
ali say even the greatest gotta suffer some time
so i huff and puff rhymes
lyrics so sick with it
set the standard in atlanta
how to get get get it
so you up incoming rappers wanna dis just kill it
i’m officially the realest
point blank period
whether i still live in the hood or just visit
whatever you can do in the hood i done did it
that’s why the dope boys and the misfits feel it
this still his city as long as tip living… (n-gg-)

i ain’t dead (nah)
i ain’t done (nah)
i ain’t scared (of what!)
i ain’t run (from who!)
but still i stand (yeah)
no matterr what people here i am… (yeah)
no matter what remember
i ain’t break (never)
i ain’t fold (never)
they hate me more (so!)
yeah i know… (ha ha)
here i go (yeah)
no matter what shawty here i go (ha ha)
no matter what shawty

you let the blog sites and the magazines tell it
i’m sure to be in jail till 2027
rather see me in a cell in
stead of this new mclaren
god’ll take you through h-ll just to get you to heaven
so even know it’s heavy the load i will carry
grin and still bear it
win and still share it
apologies to the fans i hope you can understand it
life can change you directions
even when you ain’t planned it
all you can do is handle it
the worst thing you could do is panic
use it to your advantage
avoid insanity manage to conquer
every obstacle
make impossible possible
even when winnings illogical
loosing’s still far from optional
yeah they wanna see you shot up in the hospital
but when life throw punches, block you counter like a boxer do
been locked inside mi casa too long
i did a song to make it known that the king lives on (pimping)


even in solitude
there’s still no hotter dude
i show you how to do
what you do
you ain’t got a clue
all you do is follow dudes
sound like a lot of dudes
i weather whatever storm
make it out without a bruise
i understand why
now with my hands tied
they take shots ’cause if i’m out there it’s a land slide
but revenge is best served as a cold dish
and suckers will get served n-gg-, no sh-t
guess it was understood for me it was over with
but i don’t quit if you ain’t notice yet
they couldn’t wait to say good night shawty
so they can try to rhyme act and look like shawty
go get a beat from toomp? and make a hook like shawty
before you know it i’m back
what it look like shawty
i lost my partner and my daughter in the same year
somehow i rise above my problems and remain here
yeah and i hope the picture painted clear
if you heart filled with faith then you can’t fear
wonder how i’ve faced years and i’m still chillen.
easily let go and let god deal with it.


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