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hot wheels
(feat. travis porter young dro)

[intro: young dro & travis porter]
[travis porter:] hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
[young dro:] okay. aye they ain’t gon like this sh-t right here
[travis porter:] whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
[young dro:] aye tip, check this out, aye, push it. travis porter what’s hannin’, push it!

[hook: travis porter]
i’m in at hot wheel and i’m driving real fast
and i’m smashing on the gas, i’m tryna do the dash
hot wheel: got 200 on the dash
man i’m driving real fast, i’m tryna do the dash
push it! (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
push it! (whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)

[verse 1: strap (of travis porter)]
i’m in a hot wheel til i light this here
tap my b-tch she switch my gear
diamond shining they all clear
phmg they all here
tattoos they all over me
she see me kissin all on my tip
he say i’m a rookie n-gg-, i been doing it for years
better take a look at me, better check my booking fee
i been cooking sh-t off in the kitchen but i ain’t lil’ b
pull up in a hot wheel, b-tch need a green card
all-red candy paint, n-gg- this your dream car
i’m that m-th-f-ckin n-gg- all the b-tches scheme for
when she with me, she be hoping all her girlfriends seen her
she suck a d-ck so good, but why you think she on my team for
i got her dancing slow, in slow mo like she on lean or something
smoking on that dro, got that ho drinking s-m-n
hear me coming down the street: ‘rari, screaming
pinky ring doing numbers, shining, blinging
ink all on my body and i’m hotter than a demon


[verse 2: young dro]
hold on let me rip this ho
car so fast i flipped that ho
tell them boys don’t play with dro
pause that b-tch, skip that ho
black coat let my coupe in here
decapitate my roof in here
the reason why they ask for dro cause they wanted the truth in here
just like star, i’m rockin ya
[?] i’m poppin ya
i knew something was fishy going on like tilapia
you ain’t f-ckin with pimpin though
my wrist blow up like indigo
i like a model b-tch but i would rather oprah winfrey though
the richest b-tch up in this b-tch
my paint flop and then flip in this
my glock it got a clip in it
my car so wet it’s drippin sh-t
they copy me like kinko do
diamond chain, one pink one blue
car so fast, my speakers on blast
don’t race me boy, i’m sh-ttin on you
hold up they can’t take this sh-t
i spaz out with no brakes and sh-t
i’m bosco with this cake and sh-t
congo dro, ape and sh-t
i saw yo broad and took that b-tch
w-ssup with all that liquor sh-t?
you see these horses on my car
‘rari b-tch i’m pushin it


[verse 3: t.i.]
i’m mindin mine, in 599s
new ferraris, know that i’m ballin ho
400, 000 in public housing, [?] blunt of dro
through atlanta station i’m pushin
every corner i’m hookin
bad b-tches just lookin
tryna throw me that p-ssy
say what happened baby i can’t
cause them n-gg-s cool, but they ain’t shawty
wrist froze and i can’t thaw it
hundred mil well that ain’t hard, i’m hard
as a m-th-f-cka, swear to god, i’m god
to the trap n-gg-s and dope boys… pause
blow a half a mil just cause, ball
money ain’t a thang, not at all
drink the lean and get kool-aid
get high on pills for like 2 days
fresh to death in that [?]
diamonds clearer than blu-ray
aye! ain’t no fugaze, i’m too major, i’m super paid
say 30 mil, better double that
that money short then we double back
got rubber bands around 30 racks
i’m trouble man so where the trouble at?
i got a truck load of them hood rats
i push through, where your hood at?


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