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the predator - swollen members

Te rog, așteaptă...

“the predator”

(it doesn’t stop, right?)
“when the sh-t goes down, you better be ready” – [b-real]
“when the sh-t goes down!” – [sen dog]

[mad child]
i turn he-man to she-ra, battlecat to cringer
west coast avenger, mad child’s a ninja
fist of the north star, i’m goin hard
lions flyin out my mouth like a throwin star
tough luck, nunchucks for these dumbf-cks
young dukes jump up, then get f-cked up
i can levitate (why?) i’m a featherweight (nah)
i’m a heavyweight, hope to get to (heaven’s gate)
but not yet (watch it) i’m a freakin savage
runnin all around and i am busy wreakin havoc
funny when i rap it sounds like i’m committin murder
but have to ask the question – how come i ain’t gettin further?
i’m a f-ckin lunatic, i can be a moody b-tch {“b-tch!”}
great white shark eatin rappers like you’re tuna fish
kill ’em i annihilate, villain with an iron blade
f-ck, when i rock i am hot watch a fire blaze
welcome to the freak fest, mad child’s a monster
first do a concert, then do an encore
mad got the game on lock like a door handle
war angel, black cape
with an orange candle, now i’ve gone commando
runnin through the streets with the gun of rambo
knife on my belt that could cut your scalp
quit drugs, now i’m back, you go f-ck yourself

[mad child]
tattooed up, top to bottom sleeves
never fall again like autumn leaves
dark like the legend of sleepy hollow
i’m the big bad wolf, you are sheep that follow
crawl into bed, take a power nap
eat your kids in a nightie and a shower cap
all these little piggies run when the sh-t goes down
cause i’m here to blow your motherf-ckin brick house down
nasty north american, that’s because i’m arrogant
kids think you’re f-cked – yeah i know, i’m aware of it
morphine and opiates warpin this derelict
hopefully appropriate scorpions terrorist
i need a therapist, someone to talk to
you dumb? there is somethin that’s wrong, what the f-ck dude?
started off in clubs goin back to auditoriums
leader of an army, battle axe warriors

breaker breaker one nine
i’ll break a back and snap a spine if you ever think of takin mine
sunshine, moonshine, sunrays or moonbeams
balance the “black magic,” “monsters” and “bad dreams”
animated sandman, death is on your doorstep
take a deep breath, you are not ready for war yet
i’m a rap war vet, all black corvette
i’m all for torture don’t forget we never forfeit
i’m talkin “full clip: a decade of hits”
and then ten years of turmoil tears you to bits
we never miss when the missile’s locked on to the target
send you back to evolution you can meet charles darwin
i’m the king of everything, i’m a universal sovereign
universal studios, you’re still usin garageband
abusin all musicians who’s confused this is our land
rob viking, mad child, prevail, that’s the game plan

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