versuri gangsta rap - swasticles

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’m swasticles and i’d like to say
i’m the number one rapper in the usa

i was waltzin’ down the street, it was really sunny
is nothing silly? is nothing funny?
i went to the beach to get me some honeys
next thing you know, my nose was runny
so i went to the bathroom to wipe my nose
next thing you know, i was surrounded by hoes
they were grabbing on me,and looking in my face
there was one of every color one of every race
there was won in the corner. she was really fat
she looked in my face, she hit me [inaudible]
i want it to snow, just remember kids
if you’re gonna mess with chickas, you’re gonna get drizzed

- versuri swasticles

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