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how i fly - styles p

Te rog, așteaptă...

“how i fly”
(feat. avery storm)

this is how i fly

[styles p]
bubonic’d up, sauerkraut
you know what’ll light the way when the power’s out
(you know) mary jane, old mary jane
need to change her hair color, got a brand new name
i love it when you gain them pounds
cause my att-tude sucks when you ain’t came ’round
they can judge, but they don’t blow
but (it’s something about mary) that they don’t know
(they don’t know) got me open like ben stiller
lookin for my lighter cause my friend got killer
handin him a dutch roll a ten my nilla
know what i do with all of my scrilla

[chorus 2x: avery storm]
this is how i fly – tryin to get loose so i light a light
tryin to get right so ignite the lighter
i’ma be cool word to final flight
it’s alright once you light that lighter

[styles p]
float like a b-tterfly, sting like a bee
couple stacks, a few big heads for the p
the whole blood nation ain’t redder than me (red!)
one visine every night i seen
watch the (tropic thunder), (me, myself & irene)
smoke the chapelle, light up the mike epps (light!)
any given time, qb on deck (any given)
all the hippies like “ditto”
(jungle fever) how i creep with white widow
real hustler, tryin to get bucks
real stoner, tryin to get stuck
i smoked the winners, of the cannabis cup


[styles p]
we flyin airy! real high!! (this is how i fly)
you ever seen a cloud inside?
you could be deaf and know it’s loud inside
no e pill, no formaldehyde
i ain’t knockin you but this is how i fly
i don’t need a airline to find my flight
all i need is my lighter and now i’m right
(i’m right!) spark up the fire, the timing’s right
ghost and avery storm, wow we fly

[chorus – 2x]

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