zombie train - stephen dale petit

Te rog, așteaptă...

one thing i can tell ya
and i wouldn’t try to sell ya
the basis of elation
adjusted for inflation
ain’t in the new york times
or post-modern paradigms
ain’t starring in the tedia
or the frenzy that’s been feedin’ ya

the burning question of the age
cue direction from offstage, unexplained
zombie train

listen up, listen hard
your lucky number, the winning card
sweet to tongue, sound to eye
the breadcrumb moments pass you by

the sixty-four million dollar question
is only misdirection
sing refrain!

zombie train

fl!ck-flack, cl!ckety clack, you ain’t got the knack then don’t comе back
you know what i’m sayin’?
when all the jibber-jabbеr, lost in abracadabra
spooky action at a distance, stop to start in an instant
the hypnotist collective, awaiting their directive
the frontline lost position and the final transmission only says
zombie train
zombie train

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