activate - stellar kart

Te rog, așteaptă...

here’s the plan
i think i got it made
life is easy
when you’re sitting in the shade
not too hot not too cold
i think that’s what i’ll be
now i’m nervous
and i’ve come undone
my head is spinning like the earth
around the sun
i feel you drawing me away
from my complacency
i think i’m ready to go
don’t stop ’til everybody knows
this is the purpose of my life
this is, the reason i’m alive
don’t have time to wait
activate, activate
there’s a world out there in need
now is the time for you and me
before it gets too late
activate, activate
make a move
’cause talk is really cheap
you’ll never start a revolution
in your sleep
showing love to everyone is what
it’s all about
one by one everyone activate

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