versuri walk on water - stacy money

Te rog, așteaptă...

[hook: stacy money]
need me a million dollars (million dollars)
might hit that p-ssy up for perc and a molly
i can’t love you baby just love feeling your body
if i pop another xanny i might end up r-t-rded (dumb as f-ck)
hold up, hold up, let’s get this sh-t started
codeine in my cup b-tch i don’t sip no bacardi (na, na)
she’s a party girl ain’t no party could stop her
diamonds dripping on my neck like i’m walking on water (ice, ice)

[verse: ronsocold]
like i’m walking on water
bad little b-tch she from across the border
feel like 21, i might slaughter ya daughter (b-tch)
know a couple n-gga come rob you for a quarter (ok, ok)
couple n-gga mad ’cause i cut ’em off (cut em off)
think this b-tch mad ’cause she made me soft (she made me soft)
dripped in saint laurent
b-tch mad i can f-ck her sister and her mom (i could f-ck em all)
i be on my pimp sh-t (on my pimp sh-t)
different day, different b-tch, i ain’t new to this (ain’t new to this)
b-tch i feel like young carti how i just do this sh-t (i just do this sh-t)
alexander mcqueen on a n-gga kicks (on a n-gga kicks)

[hook: stacy money]

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