versuri 0 to 100 shots fired - squire

Te rog, așteaptă...

zero to one-hundred ,shots fired
you f-ck around with those f-ck arounds
you’ll f-ck around and get smoked

verse 1

these n-ggas must have went to the bar and started taking shots
got drunk thought they had bars, now they taking shots on god
you ain’t got no bars, see the call drop
dog stop talking bars you know i got it on lock
once i get mentioned then its lynching
no merill lynch
n-ggas know i’ll murk ya, starting 5 and then yo bench
and ya coaching staff, know you love the flow and swag
you was sucking so hard, hurt ya f-cking throat and gagged
i put n-ggas on stages
paperset t’s made n-ggas feel amazing
couldn’t keep up the speed so these n-ggas started hating
true colors always show thats why i’m patient
but i’m doctor def with the flow tho
so don’t be a patient
im operating, im the leader of my operation
i never needed a whole gang or a f-cking nation
a yes men to say yes to my statement
for validation
real see real sh-t off observation
and the question is, is you p-ssies ovulating?
or menstruating?
menstruating the way you walk
cause the way you talk already sound g-y
i’m just saying
no shots taken
im riding the beat and just spraying
kay slayin, meleein’
till’ they laying and they praying
n-ggas talk that zero to one hunnit sh-t
drunk driving, i’m a tractor-trailer you don’t wanna hit
head on collision, i got dead on precisions
selling tickets to ya grave
n-ggas dead on that mission
keanu reeves, keep f-cking with me
thats impossible n-gga
you’ll be dead on that mission
so better dead all that b-tch talk
for i put ya head on my pitch fork
cause you already know, i’m eating n-ggas
when i throw these f-cking bars like i pitch forks
it apparent that, ya whole appearance wack
knock-off swag, don’t make me hang you from the clearance rack
once i do that, bringing you back it what they can’t do
they’ll be on ya chest tryna clear like a sample
but i got ample time
to brainwash ya fans with these shampoo rhymes
so go head and tell any person you know
that knows me that you’re the nices mc
and they gon’ be like, got d-mn you lying
squire fire and theres non-hotta
don dotta, one shotta to the temple
n-gga blockaaa blockaa
done dealy, you dumb silly
zero to one hunnit on this track
and i done wheelies
run you over with one wheel and ya every affilie
you know i tear n-ggas like kobe’s achilles
and i just smoke rappers up like show me the phillies
n-ggas talking bout that stuff but dont mean it really
i murder students with essays, like show me where them vatos at
get off my tip, thats a tip for n-ggas at taco mac
what you should do is, hurry the f-ck up
with my taco mac, fore’ you get ya f-cking nacho cracked
over cheese
you know the style and you know the st–z
n-ggas talking wild but i don’t believe
n-ggas talk sh-t then call you up like “man you know its love”
you should work at subway since you love throwing subs


but i know its drugs, trust me dog i know its drugs
and i really hope you detox or seek help
cause you drink too much
and men shouldn’t really drunk call or drunk text
other people, especially other men
i advise you to stay out of marvins room
cause thats g-y
he’s a boy
shots fired, raaaa
i just wanna let ya know man i do this sh-t
im entertaining the fans out here forreal


im not entertaining no bullsh-t, im entertaining the fans
im just a fly atomic bomb and i’m bout to bang when i land
you n-ggas is g-y, clay aiken
and you stay faking
you should be yaself dog, cause drakes taken

you know what i’m saying
i be on my positive enlightenment sh-t
know what i’m saying
i don’t bother n0body, i don’t say n0body name
or i dont sl!ck diss n0body, cause that sh-t is unnecessary

im really out here tryna upleft .. uplift people
you know what i’m saying
help people get in touch with the inner god, you feel me
third eye sh-t, indigo child sh-t
but you gotta embrace both sides
i realized that
cause you can’t shine like how you can shine in the dark
feel me
so i learned about the balance
if you n-ggas bring me to this dark side you will die

shots fired n-gga
brrrrrrrr pop pop pop pop pop pop pop ( machine gun effects )
brrrrrr blaaaaa
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
can’t n0body get the flow
squire ville

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