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blow my candle out - spose

Te rog, așteaptă...

blow my candle out

if there really is a big fluffy jesus in the clouds let him know right now that i take it all back
if there really is a muscular, cackling, red devil in the ground, you should tell him save me a shack
but since i never saw either at my local walmart shopping yelling at their kids in front of my optics
i’ve been operating under the premise that neither existed because i base my beliefs in logic
but if it’s really true would you say when my body is in the ground
i’ll either float on up or drop right down
then i’m nervous for the verdict
as a person i’m imperfect
ive been doing dirt lurking in the gutter with the vermin
i don’t deserve to go north when i’m gone glim finished rivers swan shaped bongs
some big t-ttied angels floating over ponds
singing songs more soothing than bed, bath, and beyond
no, i deserve my skin scorched, skies made of skulls
sasquatch is made of fire as i fall into a gulch everything black
i’d give my left nut and my d-ck for the chance to go back

you and i both know i can’t shut my mouth
but before you blow my candle out
would you please just listen to me here right now?
before you blow my candle out
cause if i had a second time around, i would turn it all around

man thats what they all say, you’re done
no, no, no, no, shut the f-ck up and listen for once cause i’ve been sitting on your shoulder
as you’ve grown colder
all of these years yelling in your ear
but you wouldn’t hear
you had another plan, too big for little me
let me put it in a rap simile
you’ll understand, i gave you a fair shake
kind of like a ferris wheel, during a earthquake
get it? like you did it when you had it couldn’t get it locked down
no don’t bother with a frown
you were healthy in the mental
potential with the pencil
could’ve just filled in the stencil
but you’re tempted by the devil
content to just to settle get a bronze medal
you laid your picnic in the wrong meadow
cause now you’re trembling and mumbling defending what you’ve done to him you took the low road, there’s a toll booth coming! and guess whose in the booth? man, not i
it’s the one that the burglars are meeting when they die
and the murders and neighborhood circlers guy
it’s not a piece of cake if you want a piece of the pie
so i’ll have dinner with the winners
while you simmer with the sinners
turn your summers into winters
what a b-mmer you can whimper
you could’ve been a star just a glimmer
now let me blow your candle out and make it dimmer

ladies and gentlemen of the congregation we are gathered here today to celebrate the loss of a demon, peter sparker
and may he never live again a scourge on this earth may our children never repeat his mistakes (hallelujah)
and may he burn eternally

what do you want me to do? you f-cking sorry excuse you dug your own hole lying and dude
no, no, no, that apology is cute
but all will be through
i’ll blow your candle like the chances you blew
yea, you had some moments in the ratings
but then you’d always go skulking in the shade again
you disappointed your family shamed friends
i got a list heres the order of my list that it’s in, it goes your daughter, your mother, your girl, your brother, jeff, cam, matt, your father, sister, and some others
so while you wither like bill your little life will be forgotten while you’re rotting wikipedia pages
they will be fading
while you’re waiting
for a pardon from this run-on sentence unpunctuated arson while you stand there
bare your closet full of skeletons dancing like the flames on your hair
hey don’t be like em all spose you’re your own foes make this bed of coals you can go to sleep there


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