versuri #0tothe90s - son scotty

Te rog, așteaptă...

n-gg-s be talkin think i don’t know about it
if i ever see them in person we might have words about it
thinking that i got this rap game down to a science
go to chemistry cl-ss to break down world phonics
twenty year old n-gg- with hydroponics
using bigger words so you subconsciously know i went to college
im well polished like kn-bs of slob
doctors clogs
medieval flogs
amazonian tree frogs
ya momma so fat
got more belly than octomom
never read the bible but i probably sing more songs than psalms
psychic so i always got purp dank like espeon
number one pirate
i crack more bats than barry bonds
am i very strong
i pick blue black straw rasp and logan
yeah i get my berry on
im hotter than flareon
just shocking you like a jolteon
got to ya attic so i can get my vaporeon
this is scotty’s world
welcome to my emporium
it stays open until four am in the morninin
do you want to be the one like b daman
smokin green strains from kanto they called it leafeon
ice in the bong might call it glaceon
might date a stoner no ring on her like an umbreon
canadians and italians say eh
they got that fonz
white people be chalant in general without anon
94 boy rappin bout pokemon
oh you went to the parade are you a sylveon
mad cause i got poison sting like drapion
mad cause im k!llin beats the boy drake be on
and im sick with my writtens
lyrically style super sayin
i got a devious mind
they might call me a super satan
two-hundred forty million cars
us a motor nation
and im trying to enlighten my bars like motivation
they can leave you there with one arm out like you was at the toll waiting
since when was it cool to be strung out
mdma is mdma
anyway it come out n-gg-

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