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milky milkshake (hawking remix) - smosh

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milky milkshake (hawking remix)

milky milkshake. (milky milkshake)
milky milkshake
dancing with my milkshake, baby, oh, yeah.
i’m dancing with my milkshake.
oh, i love my milky, milky shake baby.
milky milkshake. (milky milkshake)
milky milkshake.
shaking my milk milk baby.
shaking my milkshake on the dance floor baby.
milky milkshake. (milky milkshake)

milkshakes are my favorite things in the world.
one time, i drank five of them, then i hurled.
milkshakes make me super happy.
if they didn’t exist, that would be cr-ppy!

milky milkshake. (milky milkshake)
milky milkshake, oh my milkshake.
milky milkshake. (milky milkshake)
ohhhhhhhhh, my milkshake.
milky milkshake
oh, give it baby!

milkshakes are my favorite thi-
ow! what the f-ck mom?
why did you throw that f-cking flamingo at me?
can’t you tell i’m upset by the tone of my voice?
i’m going to go cry in my bedroom now.

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