free - slim thug

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thugga (i wanna be free)

i don’t need a lover
i don’t need a family
i don’t need a ballin’ chain here keepin’ me
i don’t need a bride time no wide valentine
i don’t need a heart that’s stringin’ me worldwide
i wanna be free fallin’ free ballin’ on the top of the city lights callin’ (on top)
don’t feel sorry for me (don’t feel sorry for me)
cause i wanna be free i wanna be free

no marriage for me i’m cool to give a single life up i be a fool
party all night (night) sleep all day (day)
pack up and go when i wanna get away
this weekend n.y. next l.a.
then in miami just to see the heat play
settlin’ down now nope not in my world why pick when i get all the pretty girls
i wanna be free and just do me welcome to the thug show it’s a movie
a lot of groupies late nights and fun times no need to worry i be fine


it’s peace and quit when i wake up house clean no girl clothes or make-up
smoke what i want turn the music b-ss up oh you tired let me call another date up
why you mad at me baby i ain’t your man i’m what they call your homie lover friend
late night hype when you feelin’ lonely (lonely) but you never ever be the one and only
i’m gone all the time to focused on my grind to be on the road with your home on my mind
i live a life that ain’t right for a wife too much temptation out here every night


i do what i wanna do when i want to
see who i wanna see when i want to
be where i wanna be when i want to
cause i’m free to do whatever i wanna do
and it feel good (good) yeah real good
no stress from my ex no more
i’m in the coupe top down
ride solo (holla) and i won’t get locked down no more


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