top of the world - slightly stoopid

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top of the world

so when the music’s stoppin,
there’s no more knockin’, or kickin’ down my door
ain’t no need for changin’, or rearranging
this life we have endured
all these foolish ways, with these hopeless strays
keep you comin’ back for more
by the time you hear it, it’s over, it’s over

i really must have lost my mind
wasn’t me who wasn’t hard to find
six strings on my back always lookin’ for the next track
thinking bout the old hood always up to no good
when you gonna realize,
that we livin like we hypnotized
by the sound that you hear when the music’s over
times runnin out can’t you see it’s for ya

when you’re down and out
n-body opens their mouth
no-one ever come around your way
when you’re on top of the world
every man and every girl
wanna come and get some sh-t for free
when you’re sittin on the corner
no one ever gonna pay you any mind that day
you’re just sittin’ outside gettin’ colder

it was not long ago when you wasn’t that old now look at you are old and gray
like a piece of your mind that was stolen in time never listen what n-body say
the reason everyday is not a holiday
is ‘cause the government they steal your pay
was a dream, but it’s already over

won’t someone get us out of here
i’m alive but i can’t feel
can not tell what’s reality
can not tell what is and what isn’t real

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