versuri 02/26/12, smile #2 - slauson malone

Te rog, așteaptă...

smile at the past when i see it
sometimes sh-t seem out of reach
but when it do, i look down, see the gl-ss on the ring
you look close, you could really see your past on repeat
tracin’ every step back like i’m draggin’ my feet
you should get to know me
the devil dance, lean back in my seats
she blow a kiss, it hit the side of my cheek, i wipe it off
lipstick probably still on my skin
i’m just a victim in this world full of sin
my mother try and keep me safe (haha)
mama try and keep me safe
when i was eatin’ from your beak, i knew i’d grow to fly away
on my own
always told me “stay away from the stove”
and lit the fire just to heat up the comb
now i’m grown
uh, i’m grown
i made my own way

yeah, yeah, yeah

- versuri slauson malone

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