versuri symbols - shwabadi

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro – shwabadi: all might]
yuh, ok

[verse 1 – shwabadi: all might]
i’ve been the symbol of peace, (yuh)
a symbol that everyone needs (ok)
the mission was simple
but crashed like a cymbal
a man symbolizing defeat
nah, (nah)
that could never be me
gotta stay rooted
when planting my feet
keep my head up and
remember to breath
or drown in the promise
you’ve made like a sea (that’s right)
just don’t let them see (yuh)
the weaknesses pestering me (yuh)
synergy we couldn’t reach
but that is bеhind us
we’ve gotta beliеve
the future is not mine to pave
i’m passing the torch
to those stronger than me
powever comes with a price to pay
it’s about time that i settle the fee
i’ll put my faith, in everyone of you (yeah)
despite your past you can be great
define your own fate seek out a better view
try to push past mistakes you’ve made
i know they haunt you
but you can not let them destory the fact (no way)
that you are the only one
that i would trust to take this task
under the mask, we are both human
but out there, we’ve gotta be more
we are the shield protecting from ruin
in the battle we stand at the fore
if we can’t live up to it
then we’ve doomed them
if so, what are we battling for? (why)
until we can hand it off to our students
the future is yours to secure
[hook 1 – shwabadi]
listen, crowds you can hear cry
they’re waiting for you to appear
and n0body’s living in fear
why? cuz you are here

[verse 2 – daddyphatsnaps: endeavor]
who was going to listen to me (who?)
could i make these people believe?
i think of those harrowing feats
and now those are shoes
that i wear on my feat
could i be the one at the peak
the one heroes are trying to meet
the one villains are dying to beat
the one shoto is striving to be
i look at my past, though out of my grasp
the task, it feels insurmountable
but i must look at myself in the mirror
cuz villains can’t be the only one accountable
i feel like the villain at times
i have committed more sins
than heroes should allow
and still i am here i’ve been giving a chance
so i promise my family
that you’ll be proud to know
i am the #1, i am the 1
what does that mean with what does that come
i’ve always been second now second to none
and the people now look to me to get it done
and yea i was strong but i was a bum
the pain that i’ve caused, the man i’ve become
divided at odds i managed to sum
no more head to the wall, just a man to my son
i’m focused and i can’t make your sacrifice in vain
i will raise my fist, so hope is never sacrificed again
doesn’t matter how i’m chosen
cuz the end results the same
all might. you lite a fire in me now
now it’s time they see the flame
[hook 2 – shwabadi daddyphatsnaps]
listen, crowds you can hear cry
they’re waiting for you to appear
and n0body’s living in fear
why? cuz you are here
i woke up
and feel a second chance at living
i will fight until i earn the right
to have my past forgiven

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